Do you truly understand...
the plight of your pet?

We know pets have thoughts and emotions but just consider their bewildering perceptions of our world! From a pet's intuitive vantage point the seemingly random actions of human logic, and sometimes horrifying aspects of changes that in their world make no sense at all! Daily experience provides them hidden stressful challenges that can cause them strange behaviour or disorder and pain. Whose understanding is more in the Dark? Wouldn't it be wonderful insight to just hear their opinion once in a while?

Animals have always been a great passion of mine. I grew up with various pets, and since discovering animals were drawn to me I have always shared my life with pets. Over the years "pet-rescue" has almost become my middle name, so it is no wonder pet whispering has been a natural development in my life.

As an animal communicator, I use my skills to help bridge the gap of communication between you and your animal. Pets may have a lot of emotional needs unbeknown to their owners, so, I work with the vital energy flow, telepathy and nonverbal cues to understand what an animal is concerned about. Their experiences and observations of the human world can develop insecurities and the only hint of trouble is when they all of a sudden begin acting in some strange way. I utilize our psychic pathways to uncover the difficulties pets face when their owners can not know what is going on with them. This will result in knowledge for helping you and your companion to heal misunderstandings or conflict, to grow bond together in sharing mutual harmony and love.

A good example of this was a cat presented to me as an "indoor-cat" was now living in a basement apartment and became estranged. He pleaded through psychic communication that he was dying from lack of sunshine and fresh air. The uncovered wisdom to get him out of the basement for regular doses of fresh air and sun enabled his full recovery from depression and the oddly lethargic behaviour that had recently worried his owner.